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At AKT Corporation, we are proud to be soley focused on manufacturing and supplying delineators, barrier wall markers, and traffic signal lenses. When you turn to AKT for your needs, you’ll discover we are the ideal size. We are large enough to handle your work, but small enough that you wont get lost in the shuffle. Excellent customer service is only part of our deal. The real magic happens when excellent customer service meets high-quality products, which is exactly why our products are trusted by the biggest names in the industry, like the Department of Transportation and Highway Contractors.

Mission Statement

The mission of Elgin Molded Plastics, Empco-Lite, and AKT Corporation is to fully satisfy the expectations of our customers by producing the highest quality products on time, each and every time, through the use of effective teamwork, employee involvement, and a dedication to excellence in everything we do with a view of continuous improvement.

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Elgin Molded

Where it all began (Custom Injection Molding)


Airport, Marine, and Railroad Lighting

AKT Corporation

Delineators, Barrier Wall Markers, and Traffic Signal Lenses

Core Values

AKT Corporation has the most skilled and dedicated team of professionals in the traffic industry. With the stability of over 50 years in business, our core-values and our team are our most valued assets and the reason for our growth and success.


Family-owned, 70+ years in business, all products are American-made

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We are committed to producting high-quality products

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Our dedicated reps focus on clear and concise customer communication

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AKT products are made in our own local facility, at Elgin Molded

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