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The reflector shall be permanently affixed with retro-reflective acrylic microprism tape with acrylic backing, or approved equal.  The tape (white) shall have a minimum reflectance of 1,000 candlepower per footcandle per square foot (candelas/lux/m2) at 0.1 degrees observation and -4 degrees entrance angles.  (Amber tape shall be 60% of the white.)  Photometric performance for various models is available upon request.

STRAIGHT STYLE:  Straight reflectors may be mounted directly to wooden guardrail support posts.  Use 2-16 DG nails and 2 - 3/16" washers in pre-drilled holes.
Straight Reflector - Nail-on Style


Type Y-2   --   Amber 2-Way Type Y-1   --   Amber 1-Way
Type W-1  --   White 2-Way Type W-1   --   White 1-Way
Additional colors are available by special order.  

All Straight Reflectors are aluminum.

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